• Why was I notified by the IRS? Have a question about your tax return? Still need to file your taxes? We’re here to help.
  • We love taxes as much as you dislike them – so let us take care of filing them for you. We manage a wide range of tax scenarios including tax management and structuring; tax advisory services for individuals, partnerships, and businesses.
  • We have a competent team of CPAs and accountants. What makes our approach different? We follow a deep-rooted professional method of providing comprehensive tax compliance support and expertise to reduce the risk of forfeiture.
  • Client satisfaction and their effective legal compliance is our top most priority. We are here to addresses the unique needs of our clients and provide support at every step of the process. Our teams of experts spend time with you to discuss and understand the context before creating a personalized tax filing strategy.
  • Our goal is to prepare your tax return with perfection to help you save money. We specialize in reducing your tax burden to a great extent by finding you every dollar possible.
  • Whether tax season is round the corner, or the year has just commenced, it is never too early to begin preparing your taxes. Start tax prep at the comfort of your home by connecting virtually with us and plan for next year.
  • Tax is easy, let’s get started!

Business and Individual Income Tax

  • We specialize in completing Individual, Federal and State tax returns(Form 1040), Partnership returns (Form 1065), “S” Corporation returns (Form 1120S), “C” Corporation returns (Form 1120), and Estate and Estate and Trust returns (Form 990).
  • Whether you are an individual with a fixed salary, professional or a business owner with employees, we have you covered. As your partner, we stand with you while actively seeking out your best interests and bringing you the biggest refunds with the smallest tax liabilities.
  • Keeping state and federal compliance at the forefront, we help clients find credits and deductions. We ensure that you utilize the tax code effectively by mitigating tax liabilities while maximizing the benefits in business tax processes.
  • We use the latest online cloud technology and our sites and servers are secured by world class Internet security providers.

Support with IRS dispute resolution

  • IRS dispute resolution can be a complex process with intimidating and overwhelming moments. Knowledge and experience is the key for settlement when you face the IRS. That’s where we come in! We help you build the best case to support your position.
  • Our knowledgeable teams of professionals have extensive IRS experience by advocating for clients and negotiating in tax settlements. With guidance and support through the appeals process, our experts help determine an effective resolution.