Cost Benefit Analysis

  • Before starting a new factory or taking on a new project, does your mind go towards profitability? Count on us to make that cost-benefit analysis easier for you!
  • We measure the benefits and revenue while weighing the risks and costs associated with taking that certain action.
  • With our due-diligence and strategic approach, we analyze quantitative and qualitative aspects of the economic-social impact to ensure that you make competent decisions.
  • We help you assess whether the current project is financially feasible or another option should be considered while factoring in the opportunity cost.
  • Whether it is developing strategy, assessing hiring, resource allocation or making investment decisions, our evidence-based view provides a clear justification of the outcome.
  • Along side financial benefits, we also aim to highlight the intangible rewards such as employee morale and customer satisfaction of your strategic decision.

COVID Relief Program

COVID-19 outbreak has created a wide-ranging impact on the society. Amid uncertainty of the pandemic – individuals, businesses and we as a community have been deeply affected. We are here to do our bit to help the community in these testing times.

Under our COVID Relief program, we provide assistance to multiple organizations to help solicit support from the US Government for the following intivatives:

  • Payroll Protection Plan (PPP)
  • Disaster Loans
  • Restaturant Revitilization Program
  • Employee Retention Credit (ERC)
  • Grants