• Experience our efficient and coherent solutions. Manage risks and maximize business growth with our multi-disciplinary advisory taskforce.
  • Identify strengths, overcome challenges and improve operations to build an agile organization. With diverse perspectives on business uncertainties, unleash the maximum potential of your organization.
  • Our Business Advisory consultants cater to our clients by developing customized, innovative and comprehensive solutions based on the specific needs.
  • Our teams of industry and function specialists help our clients in achieving their business objectives. Our goal is to bring more focus to the value proposition by providing broad range of services and competencies to help tackle business challenges.

Business Registration

  • Proficient in conducting business entity set up and registration
  • Choosing among the various business registration options can be an overwhelming task. We provide you with the best option, given your business goals and the scope of your tax obligations. If you already have a working business, great! Let us help you develop it further.
  • We specialize in arranging full range of registrations within agreed timelines in accordance with regulations and compliance. Our team of experts work independently as well as alongside in-house teams to advise clients through the life cycle of their business projects.
  • We have experience in assisting corporate clients on areas such as due diligence, legal contracts, intellectual property, advice on business transactions and dispute resolutions.

Business Plan Development

  • Expertise in providing financial summaries and projections to drive business strategy Confidently navigate through ideas and business complexities in terms of operations, share holding and taxation.
  • Our teams of experts have deep knowledge of all the risk factors and various financial parameters to enable value creation out of the business plan.
  • Experienced in project cost accounting, feasibility analysis, federal/state project bidding, and cost analysis report preparation
  • Our consultants carefully examine and evaluate the cash flows along with other macro-economic issues before coming up with a clearly articulated business plan and strategy. This ensures that the execution process is smooth and cost-efficient.

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • If you’re looking for expert advice and strategic consulting on business valuation for a successful M&A, look no more! Our forward-looking M&A professionals are trained to provide holistic solutions that enable identifying key risks and rewards through the deal cycle.
  • We understand that each M&A transaction is unique. Our custom approach towards due diligence, procedures and regulatory requirements enables successful completion of the transaction in correct and systematic way.
  • Seal the deal and set the right foundation for future business growth!
  • We have expertise on full range of elements concerning the M&A project including acquisition & divestment structuring, due diligence, evaluation, negotiation & agreement, implementation, corporate and internal restructuring and post-restructuring follow up and amalgamation.
  • We are here to support you even after the deal is signed and to oversee the integration of the merger. We ensure that all the critical steps of the transaction have been effectively implemented to derive optimum benefits from this agreement.